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office buildingNeturallySpeaking is a leading provider of IP Communication services for business and enterprise wide Asterisk-based network telephony solutions integration based on Asterisk telephony platform. Founded in 2002 with the commitment to provide customers with the highest quality Business Class VoIP (Voice over IP) available in the industry, Neturally Speaking operates a “best-in-class” IP network enhanced specifically for voice communications.

NeturallySpeaking’s communication services include: SIP origination and termination services to telecommunications carriers, Hosted PBX, SMS Services, High Definition video and audio conferencing, IP Fax, secure VoIP channels, and integrated voice/data applications.

NeturallySpeaking is headquartered in New Jersey with added locations in Florida, Texas, California and New York.

NeturallySpeaking, LLC
410 S. Ware Blvd. Suite 411
Tampa FL 33619
Office: (866)-448-0038 x 103
Fax (813-569-2366)

Whether your business or organization needs new Internet access, or are just looking to expand your existing Internet access, NeturallySpeaking’s relationships with top tier carriers ensure that your organization gets the best service for your needs at the price and bandwidth.

As an authorized agent for numerous carriers NeturallySpeaking is positioned to provide the best Internet access solution for your needs. Where ISP’s strive to sell their service in their footprint, whether its appropriate or not, NeturallySpeaking is not an ISP and only seeks to provide your organization with the best connectivity solution for your specific needs and requirements. Moreover, a single “local” ISP carrier often simply cannot cover all your locations-this could be disastrous for your VoIP. NeturallySpeaking provides an objective selection of Internet Service that encompasses a complete assessment of your organizations specific Internet Access needs. Issues such as one Internet access carrier servicing all of your locations, being optimal for low latency connectivity between offices, or managing the proper selection of multiple carriers in a geographically distributed network is no small challenge. IT staffs often take on this challenge with limited personnel, decreasing IT budgets and daily evolving security threats.

NeturallySpeaking is uniquely qualified to ensure that your Internet or IP circuit quality is a good as they can be. We also can monitor the status of your Internet circuit 24/7 with our Circuit Monitoring Service to ensure optimal performance.

Having relationships with many carriers, our staff can manage the complete cycle of your Internet access from ordering, implementation management, and ongoing support. NeturallySpeaking ends the “ping pong” effect many small to medium sized organizations receive when trying to address an issue with a carrier. Indeed, issues with connectivity, slow performance and service outages often become finger pointing “blame game” sessions whereby the customer gets left in the lurch trying to fix problems and maintain network up time remotely with little cohesive assistance. Internet Access from NeturallySpeaking eliminates the finger pointing by becoming your single point of contact for all of your Internet connectivity issues.