Our Customers


Global service providers
Global service providers offer fixed voice and data services to multinational corporations and national carriers. As often their own voice network has limited geographical coverage, they source their phone numbers and access to local PSTN networks from NeturaIIySpeaking.

Fixed National Operators
Incumbent operators provide NeturaIIySpeaking supplied international phone numbers to their residential and business customers with contacts abroad. Alternative operators team with NeturaIIySpeaking to obtain national number ranges to save time and money dealing with local regulators.

Internet Telephony Service Providers
ITSPs offer Internet telephony services to consumers, businesses and call centers. They focus on developing cost-effective and innovative offerings while NeturaIIySpeaking provides them with DDS that make their services interoperable with the PST N network.

Wireless Operators
Mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) use NeturaIIySpeaking qeographical international phone numbers as a value added service for expatriots and ethnic communities.

Voice Integrators
Voice Integrators design, implement and manage custom made on-premises or cloud-based voice solutions for businesses and service providers. For these value-added services, they integrate NeturaIIySpeaking’s DID numbers into their offerings.

Voice Application Service Providers
Voice application service providers use NeturaIIySpeaking’s phone numbers for high-quality voice access to their services. NeturaIIySpeaking’s customers operate in the following domains: calling cards, contact centers, hosted IVRs and conferencing services.

NeturaIIySpeaking provides multinational corporations with geographical and toll-free phone numbers from around the world. Calls to these numbers are routed to centralized corporate contact centers, sales teams or customer care departments.

Value-Added Resellers
Via its API, NeturaIIySpeaking offers resellers the opportunity to integrate NeturaIIySpeaking DID services into their service portfoiios, as tandalone or bundled offerings.