Why Choose NeturallySpeaking


In addition to our rock solid network and robust service portfolio, NeturaIIySpeaking offers a unique attitude. We work harder than anyone to earn and keep your business.

We bend over backwards to meet the needs Of our customers, no matter how big or small. Unlike most providers, we’re willing to customize a solution to meet your needs. If you require a unique networking accommodation, billing model, or service, we’ll make it happen.

We know that even one dropped call can hurt your business. We build maximum redundancy into our geographically distributed network and everything we do. If you require additional peace Of mind, we’ll work with you to develop SLA guarantees.

We can meet or beat the best price on the market for most of our services. We offer minimum commitment levels, flexible price points, and a robust nationwide footprint to help you consolidate services and keep costs down.

Customer Service
Providing a flawless customer experience has always been our core goal. We were one of the first providers to offer an online portal for customers, and we’ve never charged a set-up fee for API integration. We offer 24/7 Tier I and Il support from technical experts. We can turn up new customers in as little as five minutes and regularly provide same-day service.