Application Development


Integrated Network Applications provide robust and flexible information solutions that combine voice, video, and data traffic into a single cohesive information platform. IP Telephony phone systems coupled with either pre packaged or customized integrated network applications allow customers to fully realize the many benefits and features of a converged IP network. NeturallySpeaking provides both custom designed and packaged integrated network applications to provide the enhanced business and communications functionality that can only be realized from the convergence of all your voice, data, and video communications onto a single IP medium. The tight integration of a converged IP network allows for the creation of modern business solutions that help you communicate more quickly and collaborate more efficiently.

Custom Integrated Application Development

No two businesses have the same informational or operational needs. At NeturallySpeaking we understand that your business is distinct, and therefore, may require tailored services. NeturallySpeaking can assist your organization to bring forward the right integrated application(s) specific to your needs. Through planning, design, development, and installation, NeturallySpeaking engineers and developers will work with your staff to bring your Integrated Application into operation.

Customer Relationship Management Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM”) applications, such as ACT, Goldmine, Sugar CRM, are software solutions that help businesses and organizations manage customer relationships. While many CRM applications allow some limited form of integration to external resources, they often require custom integration in order to realize the synergy of utilizing all of the contacts relevant information.

A converged IP network, in conjunction with an IP-PBX, greatly enhances the CRM applications usefulness by integrating all mediums of information into the CRM database. Through a converged network application the CRM information contains complete (voice, data, and video) detailed customer information that management, customer service reps and salespeople can utilize in order to deliver the ultimate customer experience. For example, an integrated CRM application could automatically log a record of each incoming and outgoing call to the customer, or even log a recording of the call, thereby creating a complete record of customer contacts. Another possible integrated CRM application is screen pop, which uses the calling party’s information to display the customers contact (or other selected information) on a screen with each incoming call, or take an action based on an outgoing call.

One of the more sought after integration applications for CRM involves the ability to utilize an IP Phone to perform urgent tasks. For example, through a customized integrated IP network application sales persons can transmit merged e-mails, presentations, or any other needed information to customer from anywhere by merely dialing a pre defined code on their Phone, or from any web-browser via their IP PBX. With a converged IP network and the IP-PBX, tech-savvy companies are integrating CRM applications with their telecommunications systems and realizing the full potential of convergence.

Click To Dial

Utilizing an industry standard TAPI network integration driver users of compliant applications such as MS Outlook can dial contacts directly from MS Outlook using the IP-PBX click-to-dial facility.


Our Network Services Group provides customers with 24/7 support of their IP telephony systems, keeping their business and systems up and running. By choosing this option NeturallySpeaking takes full responsibility for problem isolation and resolution.