CRM Integraion


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is defined as the system implemented by a company or a business to manage communication and relation between and among its customers. It takes into the account the use of different technologies to organize, synchronize and automate the various phases of business such as sales, technical and customer support, and marketing.

CRM Integration, however, defines the way your website and your CRM software to function together aiming for zero to least margin of error.

There are different types of CRM that you can have for your business depending on the specific purpose it serves.

  1. Operational CRM’S as the name suggests, this type of CRM makes the different sets of available information incorporated into one useful file for the benefit of the website’s users. This is most common when the business wants a directory of all of the customer’s information sorted by type such as contact numbers, purchase history and others.
  2. Analytical CRM’S this type of CRM software makes critical analysis of the customer’s information which is useful in deciding for the marketing strategies to be implemented.
  3. Campaign Management CRM’S this is the combination of the first two mentioned types of CRM. This has the power to store and analyze the different information and details gathered by the database.
  4. Sales Intelligence CRM’S this is like the analytical CRM but is more focused with analyzing the sales of the business.
  5. Sales Force Automation CRM’S this is used in tracking the various steps and process in relation with sales. This is most useful when making reports and schedules.
  6. Collaborative CRM’S this type of CRM is for outside parties such as vendors and distributors. This is used in providing information to the formerly mentioned via intranet.