Custom Music On Hold

Thinking about how are you going to retain customers the fact that their number is growing too fast that you almost cannot attend to them all at the same time makes you think of the best solution. Putting them on hold’S during call queuing becomes a major threat to the possibility of your customer to provide positive feedback regarding their customer service experience.

Putting a customer on hold can take 5 to 40 seconds, or even more. If customers will be put on hold daily, they will hate it and chances are, they will hate your business as well. This is why custom messaging and music on hold is an ideal “patch” for replacing silence or the radio when putting callers on hold.

Hold messages deliver powerful image enhancement. A customized music and message announcements delivered through your telephone hold circuit can be a powerful communication tool for you to speak directly to your callers. Music on hold dramatically reduces hang-ups. Playing music or announcements whilst your customer is on hold, in a queue or while being transferred, lets your customer know that their call is still in process and that any moment from then they would be attended by a staff.

Custom music on hold can also be used in strengthening the brand recall. This is done through the playing of music being used in your ongoing television or radio advertisement. In this sense, your customers will likely to remember your company even after the call.