Key Features

NeturallySpeaking provides you with the services, tools and features which will enable you to bring these services to your customers. Best of all, you receive commission on every sale. There are no upfront costs to join our program and our commission rates are among the highest in the industry. Join us today and start reaping the benefits of being a partner with NeturallySpeaking.

Our partners can provide their customers with new revenue streams including;

  • SIP Origination
  • SIP Termination
  • US and International phone numbers
  • Internet Access
  • MPLS
  • and other related services.

Add a new revenue stream, with high profit margins, to your business.
Leverage NeturallySpeaking™s communication products and services, to meet the communications needs of your new and existing clients without having to extend or expend their existing resources.

  • Radio moved from analog to digital, TV moved from analog to digital, Video moved from analog to digital;
  • You can broaden or compliment your service offering and attract new customers.
  • Grow profits from existing customers.
  • Earn revenue on services and software development Service activation in hours not weeks like PRls
  • Ensure your hardware is supported by a quality service offering
  • Utilize the support of our dedicated Sales and Technical support teams for customer questions
  • We provide product literature and price sheets to assist in your sales efforts