Core Equipment

NeturallySpeaking’s entire network is built up using carrier grade Cisco equipment, switching and hardware from vendors such as Cisco and Adtran, through to cutting edge open-source software to handle switching and application logic. All of our equipment adheres to strict SIP standards.


The network was built from the ground up with redundancy and resilience in mind.

  • Each node within the network has at least one hot standby and will seamlessly switch over without interrupting signaling, all active calls will be maintained.
  • All critical hardware is hosted across multiple data centers, allowing service continuity in the event of a data center failure
  • All databases are replicated across multiple data centers and all hardware has hot standby hardware.

Core POP

our core pop hosts the Infrastructure tor the network, all components within the network have redundant hardware and instant high availability fail-over to provide a resilient uninterrupted service for our customers.

We ensure outstanding environmental conditions with 3 independent HVAC units providing a fully redundant N+1 system.

Network Operations Center
Our 2,500 square foot 24/7 manned network control and operations center ensures all of our systems are continuously available and our support is always outstanding.

We manage one of the highest concentrations of Internet bandwidth in a single site in the US.

Physical Isolation
Built as a “building within a building”, our Data Center minimizes the risk of natural disasters.

Fire Suppression
We have a Pre-Action/l)ry Pipe Sprinkler System throughout the datacenter and is connected to the base building Fire Alarm System.

Network Infrastructure
Our Engineers have designed a Full Cisco Powered Network that optimizes wire speed technology

Technical Specifications

NeturaIIySpeaking for Carriers utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure performance. coverage, and redundancy We exceed the expectations Of both traditional carrier networks and next-generation providers by consistently delivering quality, flexibility, and business continuity.

The NeturaIIySpeaking network supports a wide variety Of protocols and codecs. as detailed below.

Supported Codecs

  • G.711 – Standard
  • G.729 – Standard
  • G.723 – Standard
  • iLBC – Optional
  • GSM – Optional
  • Speex – Optional

Supported Protocols

  • SIP
  • MGCP
  • H .323
  • T.38



  • Private Peering – MPLS Supported Gigabit and Fast Ethemet
  • Public Internet Peering
  • Public Internet with VPN and intelligent packet routing
  • Physical Connectivity in New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Tampa, and Miami