PRI is among the services being offered by NeturallySpeaking. PRI or Primary Rate Interface is the system commonly used in establishing telecommunications in offices. It is a telecommunications interface standard that is based on the T-carrier (T1) and E-carrier (E-1).  Through PRI, various channels are being provided to different countries depending on the standards set by the implementing region.

Medium and large enterprises use PRI to gain digital access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). PSTN is the collection of both commercial and government-owned interconnected voice-oriented public telephone networks all over the world. With PRI, the ratio of lines to channel is 4 to 1. However, this could be adjusted to 8 to 1, depending on the business demand. If you have a business with at least 10 employees, then this voice technology is perfect for your usage as this can give your employees the best level of access to outgoing lines whenever needed.

PRI becomes a crucial phase of a business’s operation as it brings convenient yet valuable communication among involved people without the need to use extra phone lines. Too, PRI is relatively easier to manage with its ability to quickly activate channels and phone numbers through a service provider. Above all of the advantages listed under PRI, is the fact that it helps a business to practice costs cutting while maintaining the quality of production.