Professional Services


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BASIC AND PLATINUM SUPPORT IP-PBX/IP Telephony Support – NeturallySpeaking ‘s Voice Over IP (“VoIP”) Support Service provides customers with quality VoIP support that both maximizes the operation of their IP Telephony system and provides critical ongoing system security and maintenance update services. IP-PBXs, IP Phones, and other related VoIP devices all represent additional devices on an IP network. However, the ongoing support and maintenance of IP Telephone systems present new support challenges. Unlike pure “data” networks, items such as latency and jitter can significantly impact the performance of an IP Telephony system. To troubleshoot and resolve many of these VoIP related issues often requires a wider skill set and specialized tools. NeturallySpeaking’s highly trained support staff have the expertise and resources to ensure the success of your VOIP system.


PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Integrated Application Development – To truly realize the full value, benefits, and features available from converging your voice and data networks into a single IP medium requires integrated applications. The single IP backbone of a converged network allow for a wide variety of new, previously unthinkable, applications that provide new levels of voice, video, and data interaction. Let us show you how Integrated Applications can enhance the way you do business and provide your customers with a higher level of satisfaction and convenience. While we offer a limited number of “packaged” integrated applications such as “News-To-Phone, Click-to-Dial, and others; we also can develop an integrated application specific to your organizations needs.


PLATINUM SUPPORT OIP/IP Network Monitoring and Management – The interaction of IP-PBX’s and IP Telephony Systems in general, as well as the underlying network equipment, present enormous opportunities for organizations to enhance their operations and reduce operating costs. However, the convergence of voice, video, and data network services onto a single “converged” IP infrastructure also presents a significant challenge of ensuring the ongoing, and proper, operation of that converged IP infrastructure. NeturallySpeaking, after years of serving the networking and VoIP needs of many organizations, understands the challenges of maintaining complex integrated networks, the importance of uninterrupted services, and the need for diligent security for your network. By delivering critical information technology infrastructure management services over a secure IP network, our VOIP/IP network monitoring and management solutions help customers meet their ongoing network operations objectives without having to invest in additional staff or technology.