Server Co-Location

What is Server Co-Location?

Server co-location, also called colo, is basically defined as the physical data center hosting facility that is often used to let the customers organize the system and services required in a data center. These include the following:

  1. Networks and storage hardware powered by internet bandwidth
  2. Electricity
  3. Servers
  4. Backup power; and others

It is also described as the web server placed at a designated facility where there is space for secured cabinet, internet connection, security, support, and regulated power. It is being placed over different parts of the world as the answer to the ever growing web hosting and e-commerce marketplace around the globe.

A server co-location becomes a premier choice of many business owners as it is found to be reliable in disaster recovery method. Disaster recovery is an act of avoiding further damage or negative effects of a significantly negative event against an organization or business.

Aside from the mentioned advantages of using server co-location, there are others which are listed below.

  1. Server co-location could be ideal to small business owner as it can lessen the capital costs needed to establish or rent a data center service provider.
  2. Server co-location uses centralized monitoring facilities that can ensure notification to the customer whenever server application is not available.
  3. Server co-location provides over all high security as it has good physical and network security.

Disaster Recovery


NeturallySpeaking provides for all your Disaster Recovery Needs

Why does your company need disaster recovery for your phone systems?

Un plug your phone. Unplug your computer. Which one do you want to plug back in first? The need for voice communications is essential to the success of any business- a missed phone call from a client can be the difference between success and failure for any business. Corporate governance requires every organization to perform its Due Diligence, insuring and protecting the well-being of the organization, its employees, clients and investors.

What causes Telecommunications Interruptions?

  • Commercial power outages
  • Telephone system failures
  • Weather related events (Earthquake, Lightning, Hurricane)
  • Corporate Relocation Mandated Evacuations (Fire, Gas Leak, other Ernerqencres
  • Unknown

Highlights and Benefits of Our Service:

  • Professional assistance in developing & documenting your VOIce Recovery Plan
  • Voice Recovery Specialists available (24x7x265) to support & restore your Telecommunications
  • All hardware and equipment provided
  • Supports existing Legacy telephone systems Enterprise & Call Center solutions

With one call to NeturallySpeaking’s support team your telecommunications will be restored in minutes rather than days. Utilizing your existing phone numbers, our voice recovery solution restores communication ensuring your customers can reach you. There is no need to relocate personnel to out of the way recovery centers so your staff can work from the convenience of their homes.

What is NeturallySpeaking’s voice Disaster Recovery Service?

  • NeturallySpeakingis a leader in developing & implementing business continuity solutions for today’s telephony business communication recovery needs. We restore your telephone services utilizing our IP based network.
  • Our Solutions have been developed to support all telephone systems and carriers.
  • Our professional voice recovery services provides 24/7/365 support and will route your business calls to any destination ensuring your phone service is restored with minimal interruption.
  • Our consultants will assist with developing, documentation and testing an online Business Continuity Plan (BCP) specific to your organizational requirements to ensure routing capabilities and service compliance. We do a comprehensive recovery plan test once a year.

It’s Your Business… Your Clients.. Your Voice. Protect them with NeturallySpeaking.