NeturallySpeaking customer support team is among the best in the business. Each associate goes through an extensive training program prior to answering live support calls and responding to support tickets. If you ever need to engage our support team, you will be assisted by a professional, courteous, and knowledgeable individual who has one goal in mind¦to help you, the customer.

Core Support Service

NeturallySpeaking ‘core’ support service provides a basic level of support for NeturallySpeaking combined systems. Core support service includes:

Basic Troubleshooting
Remote installation assistance
Network configuration guidance
Hardware Support 2
Setup of IP Phones
General System Configuration
Platinum Care Support Services

For organizations whose needs require a higher level of support NeturallySpeaking’s Platinum Care Support provides a comprehensive support service designed to meet mission critical IP Telephony needs. Platinum Care support includes all of the benefits of Core Support, plus:

Our Network Services Group provides customers with 24/7 support of their IP telephony systems, keeping their business and systems up and running. By choosing this option NeturallySpeaking takes full responsibility for problem isolation and resolution.

Our Support Package includes our Standard and Platinum offers. You can check the items included on these package so you can decide which one best suits your needs.

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With our standard package, you can have a server system, named contacts, and other unique features which you will find helpful in your business. Discover more.

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Subscribing to our platinum package gives you the right to have 5 server system, 3 named contacts and many other technical features which you are likely to find useful in your business operations. Discover more.

Which Support Contract should I consider?

* Standard and Advanced Support Levels do not include holidays. Customers who choose to upgrade their existing support plan to a higher support plan will retain the remaining value of their original plan in the form of an extension on the duration of their new support plan. (For example, a standard customer who upgrades to Gold after two months will retain 83% of the sale price value of the Standard plan or $ . The $ in retained value equates to approximately X months for Gold Support. Thus the customer™s new Gold plan will be extended by X months for a total of X months of service.

Hourly Support pricing

Initial response within 1 hour between the hours of 8:00AM – 6:00PM EST
$ 150 per hour (prepaid)
$ 675 per hour block (prepaid)

Supported Software:

Support plans cover all NeturallySpeaking Asterisk release and many Asterisk add-on components sold by NeturallySpeaking. The level of support available depends on the version of software being used – current versions of Asterisk receive the most comprehensive level of support while older versions have support entitlements. The most current releases of Asterisk 1.4 and 1.6 receive full support, which includes both technical assistance (configuration, implementation, basic problem resolution) and engineering support (bug fixing). Older version of 1.4 and 1.6, as well as 1.2 and 1.0 are covered for technical assistance but do not generally include engineering support.

The terms of Support services and plans are governed by the formal NeturallySpeaking Support Services Agreement. Please refer to that agreement for the full legal details of your Support plan. In the event that this page and the formal agreement disagree over a point, the support agreement wins.

Neturallyspeaking technical support team is here to back you up. If you need help with installation, configuration,troubles hooting or resolution of software issues then give us a call. Or open a case from the Neturallyspeaking customer support portal. In either case Neturallyspeaking will work with you to make your Asterisk solution a success.

Advanced Hardware Replacement – If a critical telephony hardware component fail the costs can add up an a big hurry. With advanced hardware replacement, subscribers can get things running again in a hurry. If a Neturallyspeaking technical support specialist authorizes an RMA on any Neturallyspeaking telephony interface card a replacement will be sent immediately.

Consultative Support: Support is about more than fixing bugs. Consultative support allows you to schedule time with a member Neturallyspeaking technical staff to review your existing Asterisk implementation, plan an upcoming roll out or upgrade, or to cover some of the finer points of Asterisk administration. If Asterisk is a key component in your communication infrastructure Neturallyspeaking consultative support can easily save you hours and dollars.

Each Asterisk server, be it virtual or dedicated, across the network is monitored for system availability and health. The Neturallyspeaking is alerted when Neturallyspeaking servers fail to respond, or have CPU or disk utilization statistics that exceed pre programmed threshold . In addition, every hardware server is managed with SNMP traps, producing NOC alerts when a particular hardware failure occurs (such as a server fan not spinning within the correct RPM range, or a hard disk drive in a RAID array was failed.) Our focus is on proactive monitoring. These custom built monitoring system allow Neturallyspeaking system administrators to address issues as soon as possible typically before they can cause problems with end user’s servers.

Neturallyspeaking has a custom backup system which on a nightly basis, completely backs up each Asterisk server to a network attached storage device. A weekly off-site backup is also performed. This allows quick restoration of an Asterisk server in the event of a hardware failure. We also have the ability to restore nightly backup”Remote Performance Notification” system VOIP solution software can be set to notify a distribution list of people when key services are available. With our Platinum support package we will automatically contact you and fix the problem many times before you even knew there was an issue.

Integrated Management significantly enhance management productivity for distributed branch office environments, including: the new support in VoIP Monitoring Manager for gateway to gateway IP trunk call monitoring. This new offer structure provides greater flexibility for enterprises to match Integrated management applications for their management requirements. VoIP Monitoring shows a standalone offer that does not require any other application to run business benefits. VoIP Monitoring Manager collects Quality of sessions performance information on actual calls reported in real-time by IP endpoints. Provides a graphical view on the health of VoIP sessions, stores historical information from trouble-shooting, and supports trap notification to network management systems if possible degradation of voice quality in the network. With VoIP Monitoring Manager, voice quality problems are identified faster, affected users and areas are pin-pointed quickly, and key information is available to help trouble-shoot and fix problems.

With so much riding on your servers, it is important that your series are monitored so you can address potential problems before they occur. The only way to make this happen is by monitoring your servers 24/7 and the fastest and easiest way is to have Neturallyspeaking do it for you. That way there is no software for you to buy and no additional tasks for your burdened IT people. Server optimizing from Neturallyspeaking will reduce your downtime, simplify detection, and facilitate correction of network trouble spots, With the popularity of cost-effective Virtual Private Notworks Neturallyspeaking Monitor your servers

The server monitoring service offered by Neturallyspeaking provides 24/7 fission-critical remote monitoring of any server or network service. The monitoring is performed simultaneously from our centralized data center. Real-time multimedia alerts are triggered when errors occur, performance thresholds are exceeded or connectivity problems are detected and verified.

QOS monitoring of actual call sessions means voice quality problems are identified faster, affected users and areas are pin-pointed quickly, and key information is available to help trouble-shoot and fix problems .

Gateway to gateway IP trunk monitoring helps baseline IP WAN performance and allows the network manager to localize VoIP utility issues that may involve a particular gateway, media processor, or IP trunk.