NeturallySpeaking UConnect Broadband and Tl Connectivity

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NeturallySpeaking SIP trunking customers who do not have existing broadband connectivity, or that wish to upgrade their existing capacity to support additional VoIP or communications service, can select from an array of NeturallySpeaking Tl or broadband service offerings. NeturallySpeaking delivers the highest quality SIP trunking and broadband unified IP communication services designed to fit your business needs.

  • Nationwide connectivity
  • Service Options to fit any need or budget
    • xDSL – available in many central offices
    • Tl – Reliable and predictable circuit ( 1.5Mbps)
    • Bonded Tl – Mission critical Internet (up 12Mpbs)
    • DS3 – high capacity (20MB-35Mbps)
    • EoC – Converged solution (2Mb-20Mbps)
    • MPLS- secure communications for multi­ location networks with traffic segmentation.
  • Single bill and single point of contact
  • Efficient and Scalable
  • Integrate multiple Voice,data and video networks into a single IP-based network with MPLS
  • Easily add new locations and applications to your network
  • Combine networks from multiple carriers
  • PRI
  • Local Tl


  • MPLS: When your organization requires T1 and higher speed data networks with private network security and quality of service across all your locations, NeturallySpeaking’s Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is the service for you.
  • NeturallySpeaking’s private network peers with many Tier 1 transport providers allowing NeturallySpeakingto provide multiple geographical location customers a single point solution for their private MPLS-based network.

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