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With the seemingly endless advancement in technology today, there is a call for every business to be a step higher than those of their competitors. This applies not only to the types of services they provide but with the way services are delivered.

uFax-2-Email is yet another service being offered by NeturallySpeaking. This is a service enhanced from the uFax service as developed by Cloud. This is the system whereby the user would be powered to receive fax directly from an iPhone.

The use of uFax-2-Email service becomes advisable to business people since it shortens the time they need to spend in checking and managing fax and email messages. With it, you can have higher percentage of productivity as you combine fax and emails.

Among the many other benefits/advantages of using uFAx-2-Email service are listed below:

  1. uFax-2-Email service lessens the chance of you missing fax sent to you as it can be digitally retrieved.
  2. uFax-2-Email reduces your business costs spend on phone lines , and long distance fees while still giving you the quality of communication you need.
  3. uFax-2-Email makes it easier for you to send and access fax through the power of web access. This thereby enables you to send or receive message from various locations or points.

uFax-2-Email service offered by NeturallySpeaking is a matter of instant, reliability and effective communication.