NeturallySpeaking IP Fax services UFax

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NeturallySpeaking’s uFax platform is an easy to use and affordable Fax Over IP (\\FoIP”) service that offers greater security and flexibility over traditional fax machines and services. Send faxes from Microsoft Office, via the ‘Print’ function of your PC, smartphone, or tablet, even existing fax machines are supported using NeturallySpeaking’s fax bridge adapter. Get a new local or toll free phone number, or we transfer your fax number to our service.

  • Enhance the way your business receives faxes and reduce paper costs (receive faxes directly to your email as pdf or tiff files) and send faxes from email or our web portal.
  • Protect confidentiality and increase security with our SSL secure fax bridges adapters to securely transmit and deliver faxes over any IP network.
  • Flat-rate and Metered price plans
  • Reduced cost by eliminating Fax hardware requirements and enabling email faxing
  • On-Net faxing between enabled U.S. sites
  • G.711 and G.729 fax connections

Highlights and Benefits:

  • Radio moved from analog to digital, TV moved from analog to digital, Video moved from analog to digital;
  • Let NeturallySpeaking’s IP fax service bring your analog faxing into the digital age.
  • Reap amazing savings by saving from your existing fax service.
  • Send and receive faxes by email anywhere you have internet access; including Cell Phone, pad, or Tablet.
  • Still need a physical fax machine? Neturally Speaklng’s secure ATA provides the ability to keep your fax machine for convenient sending of paper based faxes.
  • Send and receive faxes directly from Microsoft Word, Excel etc. applications.
  • Have inbound faxes print out automatically to your printer just like a fax machine
  • No more busy Signals, lost or missing faxes, ftper Jams, or system errors.
  • Faxes are securely received to your email. No more confidential faxes sitting on the fax Micheline.
  • Your existing fax number with our Embedded number portability.